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Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Software

Detect3D gives your organization the ability to perform fire and gas mapping projects in-house. Developed by Insight Numerics, Detect3D is designed using the most advanced algorithms focusing on reducing time and saving costs all while working directly with your CAD files.

  • Seamless integration with CAD files (DGN, DWG, OBJ and more…), even Navisworks
  • Reduce project duration by up to 70% of the time typically required by other solutions.
  • Better manage costs through the project life cycle through our licensing structure, which allows for unlimited design changes.
  • Share design updates between project teams at no additional costs using the free “Viewing Mode.”
  • Make use of Detect3D’s optimization capability to determine the optimal positions of devices to reduce detector count while maximizing coverage.
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What’s New With Detect 3D?

November 2019 Update – v2.45

  • – Updated CAD import libraries, including improved Navisworks importer

  • – HiHi, LoHi, and LoLo alarm levels can be assigned to risk grades to assess voting logic of gas detectors

  • – Fire Box Method implementation – allows users to choose how coverage is calculated: via a volumetric point cloud or a defined ‘box’ to represent a fire size for the analysis. This method was added after a joint research project with JGC in Yokohama comparing experimental results of varying obstructions for fires. Please email for more information on these results or the new fire box method.

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