in:Flux is leased on an annual basis, shorter durations are available in 1, 3, and 6 month periods. The network seat license can be used by anyone in your organization, there are no office or geographic restrictions to the license. The sole limitation of the license is that only one person may use the license at a time. To have more concurrent users, another “seat” may be purchased.

A FREE “Viewing Mode” is available for reviewing in:Flux project files so project teams may work more efficiently without the need of a license. To assist with tight project deadlines, a “Solver” license may be added to an in:Flux Full License to allow for a second machine to compute simulations in addition to the first. However, the in:Flux Full License has enough capability to run and handle 1000s of simulations with ease and does not require a solver license to be efficient.

As with all Insight Numerics software, in:Flux licenses include full technical support, maintenance and version updates.In addition, 8 in-depth tutorials are included with the in:Flux installation file. For the users who want to better understand the numerical solvers used by in:Flux, the documentation comes with a descriptive CFD guide.

In 2018, Insight Numerics will be hosting public training courses around the globe, sign-up for our newsletter to learn when the next course near you is offered. On-site certification courses are available upon request.

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  Viewing Mode Demo Mode in:Flux Solver License in:Flux Full License
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