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Future Webinar Topics:

  • Understanding ISA TR 84.00.07
  • How to use ifx:Solve to complete 1000 CFD Cases in 1-day


Past Webinar Recordings

Fire Modeling with in:Flux

The standard version of in:Flux now comes included with the ability to simulate jet and pool fires. This webinar goes over the following:

  • The basics of fire modeling with in:Flux
  • How to run jet and pool fire simulations
  • Risk analysis options for fire modeling
  • How you can use in:Flux’s fire capabilities in your next project

Introduction to in:Flux

Released in 2018, in:Flux transforms the way that CFD is done, by automating the solution process so that you can focus on what is important: the design of your project. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to be more productive on projects that require CFD
  • What type of projects in:Flux can be used for
  • How in:Flux is different from other CFD software products

Understanding the new British Standard on Fire and Gas Mapping

Going over the new British Standard (BS 60080:2020) and how it can be applied with Detect3D and in:Flux. Topics covered include:

  • Scope and Application of the Standard
  • Developing your project’s philosophy
  • Guidance on Mapping Techniques:
  • Validating as-built fire and gas detection systems

Risk-Based Gas Mapping with in:Flux

An overview of carrying out a Risk-Based Gas Mapping study with in:Flux. Topics covered:

  • How to setup and run thousands of CFD cases
  • Applying leak frequencies
  • Creating wind roses
  • Processing risk-based data
  • Gas Detector Optimization
  • Reporting

Getting Started with Fire and Gas Mapping

First video in our F&G Mapping webinar series. Topics covered include:

  • How to carry out simple F&G Mapping projects with Detect3D
  • What to look for in Performance Standards
  • Resources for choosing Flame Detectors and Gas Detectors
  • Working with 3D CAD Geometry
  • Reporting options