We’re passionate about finding simple, elegant solutions to complex problems.

Bringing modern advances to safety engineers.

Insight Numerics is dedicated to building a complete suite of the most advanced, visually intuitive software for safety analysis in the oil and gas industry.

As former consultants in the oil and gas safety industry we became frustrated by the repetitiousness of the process and the tools available. We were confident that providing easy to use software that could be run on a standard laptop would empower engineers to perform their own computational analysis in-house.  We combined and modified existing technology from a variety of fields including engineering, visualization, and gaming to solve challenging safety problems.

Eight years later and Detect3D is the most used fire and gas mapping software in the industry – with 100% customer satisfaction.  

In January 2018 the Insight Numerics team built on their success with Detect3D and released in:Flux, the most intuitive CFD software available to date, allowing anyone to perform ventilation and dispersion simulations without the need of outsourced expertise. 

Insight Numerics remains committed to its original goal of providing the safety industry with the most modern and innovative technology to solve complex challenges. The success of Detect3D has proven Insight Numerics is a key player in the industry. With several more products in the pipeline, our team is hopeful for the future and will continue to partner with our clients to provide unique solutions to meet their needs.

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