Model Jet and Pool Fires

In just a few clicks, jet fires and pool fires can be defined using inputs of hole size, flow rate or power. The built-in AIChE® DIPPR® fluids database allows for single or multi-component mixtures – including heavy hydrocarbons.

Jet Fire CFD Simulation Fire Modeling Incident Radiation Contour


Fire Modeling developed with ease-of-use in mind, modeling details such as meshing, boundary conditions, numerical setup, etc. are automated with in:Flux. Focus efforts on delivering results not simulation specifics.


Visualize incident radiation, soot concentrations, temperatures, and more using contours and isosurfaces. Monitors provide locational data where precise values are required.

Transient Simulations

In addition to steady-state, transient fire simulations can be defined to view time-dependent results. Shutdown times and inventory variables are available for jet fire cases.

Generate Exceedance Contours

In combination with the ifx:Solve software, 1000s of fire simulations can be completed within a couple of days. Combine the results into a risk dataset to generate exceedance contours of radiation or other variables.

radiation intensity exceedance contour
Surface Heat Flux Data from Monitor Surfaces

Surface Heat Flux Data

Monitor surfaces can be defined using the equipment pick tool for any equipment or structural item. Heat flux data such as radiative and convective heat, average and maximum heat flux, and temperature values can be reviewed for the defined surfaces.

Fire Modeling Overview

Fire Modeling How-To

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