Leak Definition

Define sets of leaks at a time using the risk manager. Locations, hole size, inventory, pressure, temperature and frequency can all be edited individually or in bulk.

Wind Rose Setup

Enter the environmental conditions of wind directions and wind speeds to generate the wind rose data for the assessment.

Run 1000 simulations in less than 2 days

Once all inputs have been set, simulation cases can be divided up to be run on multiple solver files using our ifx:Solve software. Pairing this capability with cloud based virtual machines enables user to quickly scale up projects solving more cases in shorter time frames for tighter schedules.

Exceedance Contours

When simulations have complete, users can incorporate the calculated volume of flammable mass as the consequence to calculate the risk of each case simulated. Contours and isosurfaces can be defined to view the exceedance above various LFL or ppm values, e.g. 20% LFL based on the risk, frequency or number of scenarios.

risk exceedance contour with optimization

Optimize Gas Detectors Based on Risk

Taking existing or plausible detector locations, in:Flux can provide optimized layouts to maximize cases “covered.” Plots of detector counts vs percent coverage are provided enabling cost-benefit analysis of detector counts to be assessed.

Risk-Based Gas Mapping Webinar Recording

Risk-Based Gas Mapping Workflow

A guide of the recommended workflow for performing risk-based gas mapping projects.

Format: PDF

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