Feature improvements:

  • 2D Layout view for the detector layouts that can be saved to an image file for reporting purposes. To access the 2D Layout, select “Toggle 2D Layout” from the Project Menu or use the  icon in the toolbar.
  • Support for camera (CCTV) type detectors. To define a new detector with a camera FOV type, define a new Field of View and select “Swept (Camera)” from the Type. This will define a new field of view where the side profile is kept constant but swept across the full horizontal arc:
  • The ‘Flame Detector Aiming Tool’ has been updated using a modified pick tool to automatically populate the azimuth and declination values.
  • Grid Overlays can now be set from the View Menu, Toolbar or the Context Menu of the main window. Both linear and radial grids can be set.
  • Detector counts in the project tree now show enabled/disabled count if any detectors are disabled
  • Copy alarm settings to all now only copies settings to detectors of the same type.
  • Added automatic previewing of items.
  • New look and improved functionality of the ‘Quick Box’/’Quick Line’ tool.
  • The default azimuth system is set to be clockwise from north for new projects. Existing projects will be unaffected and use the azimuth system as defined in the project.
  • Contours and isovolumes are set to the risk grade they are in, rather than the “visible” risk grade.
  • Added STL Exporter for geometry. This is available by right-clicking on the geometry in the Project Tree and selecting “Export to STL”.
  • Labels are now hidden by the clip plane.
  • Multiple enhancements to the CAD importers, particularly for .dwf files.
  • Replaced the slider in the Detector Ranking window with a drop-down box.
  • Compatibility with in:Flux version 3.20.
  • Update to .NET Framework 4.8.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where .dwf files would only partially load, and/or load without coloring.
  • Fixed an issue creating subzones while preview is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with setting the default length unit.
  • Fixes for fire zone optimizations.
  • The equipment pick tool occasionally did not pick the correct surface, now fixed.
  • Loading disabled detectors now colors the model entities correctly.
  • Licensing issues fixed for customers with multiple licenses.
  • Fixed issue with importing .mcr files that had zero entries.
  • Open-path beam clearance calculation was not performing correctly when the beam clearance was reduced, or set to zero.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes.


Release Date:

December 18, 2023