in:Flux Feature improvements:

  • User-defined transient inflow profiles can now be used created for multiple variables, including upstream pressure and temperature (high pressure leaks), and velocity, flow rate, power and temperature (custom emissions, shown above).
  • Added HCO reactions for fire simulations (alongside the standard hydrocarbon CxHy type reactions) for fuels of type CxHyOz:
  • Added the ability to define user-reactions, including user-reactions for non-DIPPR® fluids. This provides a great deal of flexibility for fire simulations where the reaction is not of the standard reaction types. To add a user-defined reaction, go to the “Add Item” tab and select “Reaction”:
  • Hydrogen can now be used for fire simulations.
  • Min values are now output for monitors.
  • Better reporting of transient monitor values in exported Excel spreadsheets.
  • Added transient options for batch image output.
  • Updated DIPPR® database to contain more fluids.
  • Added STL Exporter for geometry. This is available by right-clicking on the geometry in the Project Tree and selecting “Export to STL”.
  • Better auto-limits for risk contours, now defaulting to 20% of the maximum value for exceedance (e.g. 20% of the number of simulations for scenario-based exceedance).


Bug Fixes

  • Licensing issues fixed for customers with multiple in:Flux and ifx:Solve licenses.
  • Fixed globalization errors in wind rose import / export.
  • Ventilation-only simulations can be added from the risk manager.
  • Fixed holes in isosurfaces.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the scheduling option on the solver files window set the main project to a solver file.
  • Fixed auto-nudge on plane shapes for inflows. Also changed default nudge to 0.01m.
  • Fixed a bug when recovering simulation data.
  • Fixed bug caused by removing custom gas clouds.
  • Fixed bug where volume fraction variables would occasionally not appear when expected on monitor tables.
  • Fixed when monitor line wind export popup sometimes persisted.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes.


Release Date:

July 07, 2022