• Public Risk Data Set for Risk-Based Gas Mapping

A Public Data Set for Risk-Based Gas Mapping

Technology is changing fast in the world of Fire and Gas Mapping. Risk-Based methods for Gas Mapping offer a future of improved technology at lower cost, but as engineers we must apply a detailed, rigorous analysis before reaping the benefits.

The good news is that much of this analysis has already been done. CFD modeling – the engine of Risk-Based Gas Mapping – has been well validated in academia, wind tunnels, […]

  • influx wind rose

in:Flux v1.42 Release Highlights

in:Flux Feature improvements:

More options for assigning consequence values to dispersion simulations in the Risk Manager.
Ventilation-only risk projects are now better handled in the Risk Manager.
Wind Rose in the Risk Manager now shows “Site North” to clarify the orientation of the wind.
The option to copy leaks has been added to most property editors in the Leak Frequencies tab in the Risk Manager.
More refined meshing options […]

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