Detect3D v2.60 Release Highlights

Feature improvements:

2D Layout view for the detector layouts that can be saved to an image file for reporting purposes. To access the 2D Layout, select “Toggle 2D Layout” from the Project Menu or use the  icon in the toolbar.
Support for camera (CCTV) type detectors. To define a new detector with a camera FOV type, define a new Field of View and select “Swept (Camera)” from the Type. This […]

  • Detect3D v2.52 Release Highlights - Export Detector Groups

Detect3D v2.52 Release Highlights

Feature improvements:

Detector groups are now reported when exporting to Excel. Making it easier for managing projects with several groups of detectors.
A maximum number of detectors per XY location can now be set for flame detector optimization. This will limit the number of detectors that have the same position but differing heights. Feature is located under the Restrictions section in the Problem Definition tab of the Optimization Controller
The […]

  • Insight Numerics Online User Guide Front Page

Detect3D v2.47 Release Highlights

Feature improvements:

User guide, tutorials and other resources have been linked to This has been done to speed up workflow and to make it easier for our users to review and learn features of the software. We anticipate adding more tutorials throughout 2020 as well as walk through youtube videos.
Improved speed for equipment pick tool with large geometries.
Various performance improvements.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug for sub-zone detector ranking.

  • Detect3D v2.46 Release Highlights - Detector Rankings for Sub-Zone

Detect3D v2.46 Release Highlights

Feature improvements:

Detector ranking can now be selected by sub-zone. Allowing users to quickly compare contributions of flame or gas detectors towards individual zones or sub-zones in a project. Providing indication of worse performing detectors so that they can be re-positioned or removed from the project.
Better visualization of surfaces selected using the equipment pick tool.
Added “Quick Box” option for all instances where a box is required to be […]

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