• Mixing Risk Based Gas Mapping and Geographic Gas Mapping Image

Mixing Geographic and Risk-Based Gas Mapping – Does it Work?

The “Concept of Proportionality”, as defined in the new British Standard on Fire and Gas Mapping, states that, when undertaking a F&G mapping study, the level of effort should be proportional to the risk. In a practical sense, this translates into using low-effort methods such as geographic mapping on low-risk areas, and high-effort methods such as risk-based mapping on high-risk areas.

Sounds sensible…but does it make sense?

Experience gained from the risk-based […]

  • inFlux Gas Detection and Leak Location

Correlating Gas Detection and Leak Location

A common assumption implicit in gas detection systems is that a gas cloud is detected in roughly the same location of the leak source. Indeed, many F&G philosophies require a leak to be detected in the same module.

It is clear why this is advantageous – knowledge of the leak location is critical for response planning and automated control actions.

But how accurate is this assumption?

Perhaps less than you think. Consider the […]

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