• Future fo Fire and Gas Mapping - Risk Based

The Future of Fire and Gas Mapping is Risk-Based

There isn’t much doubt that the major technology change we will see over the next 10 years is Risk-Based Gas Mapping. The method has been around for a while (see ISA TR84.00.07 for example), but the proper commercial application using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has only been available for a couple of years.

Developing this capability at Insight Numerics has been an enormous challenge, but with several projects now complete we […]

  • inFlux v1.41 Release Highlights - Custom Gas Cloud Sizes

in:Flux v1.41 Release Highlights

in:Flux Feature improvements:

Custom gas clouds can now be created in the Gas Cloud Analysis window. This allows for reporting of gas cloud volumes other than the standard gas clouds included in the software.

As an example, the Flammable Gas Volume Fraction > 10% LFL can now be defined. Other ranges can also be defined by the user such as 10 < % LFL < 50
These custom gas clouds […]

  • Detect3D v2.52 Release Highlights - Export Detector Groups

Detect3D v2.52 Release Highlights

Feature improvements:

Detector groups are now reported when exporting to Excel. Making it easier for managing projects with several groups of detectors.
A maximum number of detectors per XY location can now be set for flame detector optimization. This will limit the number of detectors that have the same position but differing heights. Feature is located under the Restrictions section in the Problem Definition tab of the Optimization Controller
The […]

  • Current State of Fire and Gas Mapping

The Current State of Fire and Gas Mapping

I have done many marketing presentations since starting Insight Numerics, but one sticks out in my mind.

It was 2014, one year after we had released Detect3D. I turned up at the company’s office, set up in the conference room, and welcomed the 10 or 15 attendees – a decent crowd. I opened up my laptop, ready to launch into the demo and show all the bells and whistles. But before […]

  • Fire and Gas Mapping with Detect3D

Fire and Gas Mapping Modernized by Detect3D

10 years ago – almost to the day – I was asked to perform a Fire and Gas Mapping project. At the time, I was a CFD consultant, and familiar with numerical methods and 3D modeling techniques, but I knew next to nothing about flame and gas detectors. I researched the available options that I could use on my project, fully expecting to find technologically advanced software and services.
What I […]

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