• Why we developed inFlux CFD Software

Why we wrote in:Flux

The first time we exhibited in:Flux was at the Hazards 26 conference in Edinburgh, 2016. Our exhibit booth included a monitor showing the alpha version…barely working at the time, but the ideas were there.

“Aren’t you reinventing the wheel?” asked one of the attendees.

“Yes” I replied.

I considered the CFD software that was being in the safety industry as a wheel that needed reinventing.

As a CFD consultant in the years prior to […]

  • Fire and Gas Mapping in 2021

Fire and Gas Mapping in 2021: What to Expect

Fire and Gas Mapping is a rapidly developing field, and 2021 will be no different.

In 2020, we saw a significant increase in the number of Risk-Based Gas Mapping projects using in:Flux. It was pleasing to see CFD technology deployed on more and more projects, resulting in detector layouts designed using advanced scientific methods and lowering costs by reducing detector count. This trajectory will continue in 2021.

We will continue to develop […]

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