• Detect3D vs inFlux Gas Detection

Geographic or Risk-Based Mapping?

I have been writing recently about the benefits of Risk-Based Gas Mapping, but of course the Geographic approach has its advantages too: the analysis is cheaper, quicker, well-supported in industry, and has an appropriate level of detail for small or low-risk projects. Choosing the right method for your project can be challenging, especially as in:Flux has made risk-based methods more cost-effective.

Here are some broad-brush guidelines from my own experience with […]

  • Risk-Based Gas Clouds

Why Risk-Based Gas Mapping Reduces Detector Count

The reason risk-based gas mapping reduces detector count is stunningly simple.

Consider the following analysis, which compares geographic and risk-based methods. For the purposes of the demonstration, we will start with a 5 meter diameter gas cloud, at 100% LFL – a common size of cloud used for mapping purposes.

The images below show the 5 meter spherical gas cloud used in geographic mapping (left, from Detect3D), and a 100% LFL gas […]

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