Fire Modeling Overview Video

We are pleased to announce that Fire Modeling capability is now included with in:Flux.

Set up hundreds of jet and pool fire scenarios in seconds – choose a wind condition and leak source, and let in:Flux handle the rest.
Model both transient and steady-state cases, internal and external.
Analyze radiation, temperature and soot concentration using monitors, contours and isosurfaces.
Use Risk Analysis features to generate exceedance contours from thousands of […]

  • Jet Fire CFD Simulation Fire Modeling Incident Radiation Contour

in:Flux v2.0 Release Highlights

We are proud to announce the launch of Fire Modeling with in:Flux
Over the past two years, we have been developing the fire modeling capabilities of in:Flux, and today, we are pleased to launch this capability to all our customers.

To run Fire CFD simulations:

Right-click on “Fire Simulations” and select “Add Fire Simulation”
Choose the inflow and wind condition, just as you would for a Dispersion Simulation. Both steady-state and transient […]

  • inFlux CFD Fire Modeling Temperature Contour Jet Fire

Why We Wrote a Fire Model for in:Flux

One thing stood out to me while we were writing a fire model for in:Flux. CFD Fire Modeling is extremely challenging.

The interconnection of the combustion, turbulence, reaction chemistry, soot, spectral, heat and radiation models make convergence in complex CAD geometries both a demanding task and a delicate balance.

Engineers tasked with CFD projects that require fire modeling have two choices: use general-purpose CFD software and be faced with a plethora of […]

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