in:Flux Feature improvements:

  • New “Flammable Gas Volume Fraction, %LFL” post-processing variable which shows the flammable concentration and can be used to compare multiple cases even when those cases use different flammable gases.
    • As an example, if you have only one simulation with one inflow of Methane then the Flammable Gas Volume Fraction, %LFL would be the same as the Methane Volume Fraction. However, if the simulation has one inflow of pure Methane and one of pure Ethane, this variable would combine all the flammable components which would provide the overall reading from a hydrocarbon flammable gas detector.
    • This variable is also useful if you have many simulations all with different, but flammable fluids. This would be a common variable between all of them so risk data sets can be made for gas detector optimizations.
  • A warning has been added when ifx:Solve files are loaded into in:Flux. This will reduce confusion that can arise when solver files are loaded into in:Flux as if they are main project files.
  • A summary window containing information about the simulations in risk data sets has been added. This is available by right-clicking on the risk data set and selecting “Show Included Simulations” on the context menu.
  • The 4, 8 and 12 direction wind roses are now saved on the Risk Manager.
  • Added stoichiometric conditions for H2.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when merging fluids from multiple .ifx files.
  • The Risk Manager is allowed editing when the property grid was simultaneously open.
  • Risk data sets with selected simulations only did not work properly when created.
  • Various other bug fixes


Release Date:

April 10, 2020