We are proud to announce the launch of Fire Modeling with in:Flux

Over the past two years, we have been developing the fire modeling capabilities of in:Flux, and today, we are pleased to launch this capability to all our customers.

To run Fire CFD simulations:

  1. Right-click on “Fire Simulations” and select “Add Fire Simulation”
  2. Choose the inflow and wind condition, just as you would for a Dispersion Simulation. Both steady-state and transient simulations are supported.
    • Jet Fires can be run using “High Pressure Leak” type inflows.
    • Pool Fires can be run using “Custom Emission” type inflows.
  1. Solve the simulation, either with in:Flux or the latest version of ifx:Solve. Note that fire simulations may take twice as long as dispersion simulations, due to the additional complexity.
  2. Post-process using isosurfaces and contours. New post-processing variables include:
    • “Incident Radiation, kW/m2” : useful for risk analysis
    • “Soot Mass Fraction, %mass”
    • “Soot Volume Fraction, %vol”
    • “Soot Volume Fraction, ppm”


Further Information


Release Date:

August 09, 2021