Feature improvements:

  • Detector ranking can now be selected by sub-zone. Allowing users to quickly compare contributions of flame or gas detectors towards individual zones or sub-zones in a project. Providing indication of worse performing detectors so that they can be re-positioned or removed from the project.
  • Better visualization of surfaces selected using the equipment pick tool.
  • Added “Quick Box” option for all instances where a box is required to be selected. The Quick Box defines cuboid shapes in three clicks:
    • 1st click for starting point
    • 2nd click to define length and width
    • 3rd click to define the height
  • Warnings now show when a zone is unrealistically large.
  • Cameras can now be merged from other projects.
  • Geometry processing is quicker.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DWF file import error


Release Date:

January 27, 2020