in:Flux Feature improvements:

  • Helideck turbulence modeling capability for CAP437 studies has been added to in:Flux.
    • To use the Reynolds Stress turbulence model (RSTM) for your project, open the “Advanced” box when adding an External Ventilation Simulation and select “Helideck Turbulence” under “Purpose”.
    • A helicopter icon will appear next to simulations using this turbulence model.
    • Upon completion, a new variable will be available for post-processing: Vertical Fluctuation Velocities, m/s. This is the variable that is compared to the requirements for CAP437.
    • The vertical fluctuating velocities variable can be selected for contours and isosurfaces as shown in the image above, and can be used as the basis for risk analysis.
  • in:Flux project can now be merged. To merge projects, go to the File menu and select “Merge Project…”. 
  • Blowdown can now be added to inflows from the “Advanced” menu for transient high pressure gas leak simulations. Properties for blowdown are also included in the risk manager for transient risk-based analysis.


Bug Fixes:

  • Occasional simulation crashes fixed, due to spurious zero eddy viscosity values.
  • Risk visuals now properly update when “Ventilation Only” data sets are created.


Release Date:

January 27, 2020