Feature improvements:

  • Detector groups are now reported when exporting to Excel. Making it easier for managing projects with several groups of detectors.
  • A maximum number of detectors per XY location can now be set for flame detector optimization. This will limit the number of detectors that have the same position but differing heights. Feature is located under the Restrictions section in the Problem Definition tab of the Optimization Controller
  • The property grid can now be scrolled in Viewing Mode.
  • “Turntable” rotation style made default on the 3D window. This can be reverted back to the original “trackball” via the Application Settings.
  • Flame detector models can be exported in groups from the database viewer. To enable feature, use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple models in the Flame Detector Database then click the Export button. This will export the selected models into one XML file which can then be imported into another Detect3D project.
  • Updated CAD import libraries.


Bug Fixes

  • More robust fixes for equipment subzones where null zones are present.
  • Detector groups are now imported correctly when merging other Detect3D files.
  • Fixed an issue with merging in:Flux files.
  • X, Y, and Z locations are now exported as doubles to Excel.


Release Date:

July 09, 2020