in:Flux Feature improvements:

  • Custom gas clouds can now be created in the Gas Cloud Analysis window. This allows for reporting of gas cloud volumes other than the standard gas clouds included in the software.
    • As an example, the Flammable Gas Volume Fraction > 10% LFL can now be defined. Other ranges can also be defined by the user such as 10 < % LFL < 50
    • These custom gas clouds can also be created by expanding the “Advanced” options when defining a dispersion from the Add Items tab.
  • Heavy hydrocarbons are now included from the AIChE® DIPPR® database, this includes n-Hexane (C6H14), n-Octane (C8H18), n-Pentane (C5H12) and others.
  • Better auto-selections of simulations and variables for contours and isosurfaces.
  • Updated CAD import libraries.
  • Various performance improvements.


Bug Fixes

  • The pick tool in the Leak Frequency Manager crashed when used, this is now fixed.
  • The inflow was not updating in the 3D window when edited in the Leak Frequency Manager.
  • Occasionally the direction of leaks and custom emissions would be incorrectly rounded when using the pick tool.


Release Date:

July 09, 2020