It’s not an exaggeration to say that in:Flux was conceived around one idea: automatic, adaptive meshing. Why?

Ask any CFD engineer about meshing and they will tell you it takes up most of their time. This is fine for small projects, but if the future of CFD lies in projects of several thousand simulations, then automatic meshing is the only option.

But it is not just a practical consideration. Meshing is a huge barrier for anyone who wants to run a CFD model. To know how to create a good CFD mesh is a skill that requires years of experience.

With in:Flux, that barrier no longer exists. The majority of our users never think about a mesh, allowing them to focus on the broader scope and objectives of the project itself. And the automatic meshes are better and more efficient than any I could have created based on my experience alone.

In the end, meshing did take up most of our time here at Insight Numerics. In the 5 years we have been developing in:Flux, about 60% of that time was developing capabilities around meshing. The results were worth it.